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Rowland, G. S., Hearne, D., Lockyer, L. & Pearson, P. J. (2002). Integrating technology to enhance teaching and learning in physical and health education: an ActiveHealth framework. In K. Swaby (Eds.), Proceedings of the Biennial Conference of ACHPER (pp. 1-6). Australia: Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation Inc..


In an era of limited resources across educational sectors, academics associated with faculties of education are under increasing pressure to find innovative ways to support their teaching and research activities - activities with which collaboration and interaction with pre-service teachers, practicing teachers and fellow academics is crucial. As such, developing a sustained community that involves such representative members is paramount for academics. A team at the University of Wollongong has initiated this concept through research and development of the ActiveHealth learning community for physical and health educators. Whilst it is envisaged that such a project will take time to establish, a number of priority areas have been identified: the development and sharing of physical and health education teaching and learning resources; the professional development of teachers; and the use of information and communication technologies (lCTs) through ActiveHealth to support pre-service teachers involved in the practicum. This paper outlines the development of the ActiveHealth community and the support provided for teachers and students through communication within an ActiveHealth framework.

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