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Macdonald, D., Wright, J. & Abbott, R. (2010) Anxieties and aspirations: The making of active, informed citizens in J. Wright, J. & D. Macdonald (Eds), Young people, physical activity and the everyday, London and New York: Routledge, 121-135.


In writing The Code of Health and Longevity in 1818, Sir John Sinclair hoped that with the provision: of the facts and observations, which are most essential for the preservation of health, .... that it will now be in the power of every considerable person, to ascertain what rules are suited to his particular situation, and to adopt those which are likely to be most efficacious. (Sinclair 1818: 13) Motivating Sir John’s tome nearly two hundred years ago was his concern that ‘people seldom attend to their health till it be too late’ (p.12) and that ‘the attainment of longevity, if accompanied with good health, is not only an important consideration to the individual, but also to the community to which he belongs’ (p.12).

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