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Beath, O., “I Want to be More Perfect Than Others”: a Case of ESL Motivation, Paper presented at the Faculty of Education and IERI HDR Conference, University of Wollongong, 12 November 2010.


Language learning motivation is an important concept in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) research as it has been significantly linked to achievement. Theoretically, the concept of motivation has moved from being viewed as a static learner trait to a complex, dynamic factor that changes over time. This paper reports on a single case study of a female Indonesian language learner; specifically the change in her language learning behaviours and motivation over the course of learning English from adolescence to adulthood and international postgraduate study. This paper will draw on Ryan and Deci‟s (2000) self-determination framework to describe changes in the learner‟s motivation including, at different times, extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. This case study contributes to understanding of an important individual learner variable that impacts on second language learning.


200303 English as a Second Language

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