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This article was originally published as: Johnson, NF, Boys and girls are the same: Gender perceptions in using computers in the classroom. Computers in New Zealand Schools, 2006, 18(3), 5-11,33,41. Copyright 2006 Otago University Press. The journal website is available here.


The New Zealand government has increasingly promoted computer use within schools, through policy, and through the provision of computers and professional development, amongst other initiatives. These trends seen in New Zealand are similar to those seen in other developed countries. Differences have been reported in girls’ and boys’ attitudes towards, experience with, amount of use, type of use, and interest in computers. The research reported here examined two senior primary school classrooms for evidence of these previously documented gender differences. This empirical study found few differences between girls’ and boys’ use of computers; however, perceptions of computer expertise were gendered. Although, overall, students reported that neither gender was better at using computers, those students considered to be the computer experts within each class were boys.

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