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Agostinho, S., Oliver, R., Harper, B., Hedberg, J. & Wills, S. (2002). A tool to evaluate the potential for an ICT-based learning design to foster "high-quality learning". In A. Williamson, A. Young, C. Gunn & S. Clear (Eds.), Winds of change in the sea of learning. Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education, 8-11 December 2002 (pp. 29-38). Auckland, NZ: UNITEC Institute of Technology.


With the aim to facilitate sharing and uptake of high quality ICT-based learning designs amongst academics in higher education, the Australian Universities Teaching Committee funded project: Information and Communication Technologies (lCTs) and Their Role in Flexible Learning examined a number of existing high quality, ICT-based learning implementations to determine if the learning designs employed can be re-disseminated in the form of reusable guidelines, templates, and/or software tools. An evaluation instrument was developed to analyse the degree to which the learning designs have potential to foster high quality learning. This paper focuses on this instrument by describing how it was derived, how it was applied and the feedback received from evaluators about its usefulness.. The paper concludes by providing implications for practice on how this tool could itself be reused as both a formative and summative instrument to gauge the potential for other ICT-based learning designs to foster high quality learning.

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