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Ferry, B. & Yeung, A. (2002). Developing a Peer Learning Community through the use of CMC. In R. Kinshuk (Eds.), Proceedings International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE) 2002, 3-6 December 2002 (pp. 371-375). Piscataway, NJ, USA: ICCE Computer Society.


This study investigated computer-mediated communication (CMC) to facilitate the construction of learning community. The formation of learning community, which involves students working together to solve ill-structured problems and putting applying knowledge and experience to heuristic teaching. "Peer Learning" broadly includes cooperative and collaborative learning, and which involves learners working together for achieving specific learning goals. We report on the building of a peer learning approach through the use of CMC enhances flexible learning and fosters initiative and interactivity of the learners towards their learning. The findings showed that the contemporary computer-mediated communication (CMC) technology not only supports learning activities, it fosters the development of peer learning community.

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