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Andersen, P. J. (2010). “Converting the bubble wrap generation into eco warriors”: Results on the effectiveness of a co-signed protocol. Leading change, living for one planet: 16th biennial conference Australian National University Canberra 26-30 September 2010 - conference journal (pp. 1-7). AAEE National Conference Committee.


In the face of a global environmental crisis, schools are at the forefront of the campaign to influence the young on how to live more sustainably. However, paradoxically, the very children that they are attempting to convert into eco warriors are being bubble wrapped by their parents and the institutions that are attempting to convert them. This paper will analyse the evolvement of environmental education in Australia, and the dilemma that it faces in trying to equip the bubble wrap generation with action competence. One means of empowering the young to become eco warriors is through positioning them as change agents, influencing their families on ways to live more sustainably. This paper will explore a research project that tests the effectiveness of a Protocol, co-signed by a group of fourteen-year-old students and their families. The findings of this research shed light on the ability of a Protocol to bring about intergenerational influence between students and their families; the reception that such a tool has on the students and family members; and the implications for further research and practices.

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