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Chinnappan, M. (2002). Modelling of multiplicative structures in a B10B Program. In W. Yang, C. Chu, T. de Alwis & F. Bhatti (Eds.), Proceedings of the Seventh Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, 17-21 December 2002 (pp. 339-348). Blacksburg VA: ACTM.


Multiplication is a key operation in arithmetic. Teachers utilize a range of resources to help children make sense of the conceptual basis of this operation. Despite this, many children experience difficulty in solving multiplicative problems. In recent times, teachers and teacher educators have tumed to ICT-based resources in order to provide a more effective learning environment in which to explore multiplication. While this change in teaching strategy has received considerable support, it is based on the assumption that teachers who are already in practice and those who are being trained to become teachers draw on a well-developed knowledge of the multiplicative process, and could exploit the ICT appropriately with the view to helping children construct deeper understandings about multiplication. The aim of the study reported here was to examine the quality of coment knowledge of multiplication developed by a group of prospective elementary mathematics teachers in the context of an ICT-based software (B10B Program). Analysis of data showed the existence of gaps in the prospective teachers' knowledge base of multiplication. Specifically, the participants' repertoire of models of multiplicative process was found to be limited. I discuss these results in terms of primary teachers' skills and knowledge and the use of ICT for the construction of appropriate models of multiplication.

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