Point of view: on being an "expert" with a point of view



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Cambourne, B. L. (2012). Point of view: on being an "expert" with a point of view. In R. F. Flippo (Eds.), Reading Researchers in Search of Common Ground (pp. 32-42). New York: Routledge.


More than two decades ago, Rona Flippo sent me a list of statements about reading that Frank Smith made notorious in the early 1970s (Smith, 1973). In the letter that accompanied this list, she informed me that I was among a small group of "world reading experts" whom she had selected to comment on Frank's list. I was vain enough to succumb to such flattery. For the next 10 years, she regularly asked me to reflect on my comments and those of fellow "experts". As a result, the "Expert Study" came to be, and here I am again, a so-called expert revisiting the opinions I expressed to statements made by myself and statements made by the other experts about ways of facilitating learning to read or making it difficult.

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