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Mantei, J. & Kervin, L. (2011). Turning into teachers before our eyes: The development of professional identity through professional dialogue. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 36 (1), 1-17.


This paper examines the development of professional identity in early career teachers enrolled in an “add-on year” of an undergraduate teacher education degree. Through a series of readings focused on reflection and pedagogy, participants engaged in professional dialogue as they made connections between the themes in their professional readings and their own understanding of the professional practice of a teacher. Dialogue was recorded and shared on a developed website. Participation in this dialogue afforded teachers opportunities to reflect on their professional identity in connection with literature, personal experiences and experiences of others. Further, uploading audio files to the site created a sense of accountability among the teachers to ‘have something to say’, thereby contributing to the community. The authors argue that this use of professional dialogue in both the physical and virtual environment is a valuable approach for promoting reflective capacities and for the development of professional identity.

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