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Campbell, C., Bennett, S. & Brown, I. (2004). Primary school teachers' use of Internet resources: multiple cases on using the Internet for teaching. Australasian Computers in Education Conference (pp. 1-6). Belconnen, ACT: Australian Council for Computers in Education.


The use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in primary schools is being increasingly promoted through initiatives to improve technology infrastructure and access and an emphasis on integrating technology into the curriculum. Additionally, in New South Wales, the Department of Education and Training is introducing a Computer Skills Test for all Year 6 students. This creates further pressure on classroom teachers to include technology-supported lessons that enable learners to gain the skills they need. However, many teachers are struggling to find effective ways to integrate technology skill development with their class teaching and learning programs. This work-in-progress paper describes a study that aims to provide an in-depth view of how some teachers are successfully integrating the use of the Internet and Internet resources into their teaching and learning activities. Data for this study is currently being collected from students in six Year 3 to 6 classes and their class teachers from four schools. Preliminary findings will be presented at the conference.