Succeed or else!: Reflections on the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Educational Administration



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Thomas, A. R. (2012). Succeed or else!: Reflections on the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Educational Administration. Journal of Educational Administration, 50 (1), 12-33.


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to identify the key individuals, associations and significant events contributing to the establishment and first 50 years of successful publication of the Journal of Educational Administration.

Design/methodology/approach – This paper is historical in design. Information relevant to its 50 years of publication has been obtained from the JEA’s 172 Editorials and from minutes of Editorial Advisory Board and Management Committee meetings, supplemented by personal editorial memoranda.

Findings – Recognised as one of the leading generalist international journals in its field, the Journal of Educational Administration has until recently been edited in Australia. The most eminent international scholars in the field have published in the JEA throughout its lifetime. Esteemed scholars have also occupied positions on its Editorial Board. The JEA has enjoyed close and supportive associations with several prominent professional organisations including UCEA and CCEA.

Research limitations/implications – This paper does not include detailed information about the content of the almost 1,000 articles published throughout its history. This is the subject of other specific research undertakings.

Originality/value – The JEA was the first generalist international journal in the field of educational administration. Its first volume appeared in 1963. It has reached the age of 50 years and hence this paper’s report of such may provide a basis for similar studies of other journals as they achieve significant milestones.

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