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Tanner, K. (2010). Reframing dyslexia as a result of customised educational provision in an adult learning environment. ISEC2010 Conference Papers (pp. 1-16). ISEC:


Reframing has been identified as a process used by people with learning disabilities to change their beliefs and understanding about themselves and their learning disabilities (Gerber, Reiff and Ginsberg, 1996). This paper will discuss the influence of a specially designed course for people with dyslexia conducted through the tertiary TAFE (Technical and Further Education) system in Western Australia and how it provided the catalyst for participants to reframe their perceptions of their dyslexia through empowering them with knowledge and understanding of dyslexia alongside current societal perceptions toward people with literacy difficulties. Findings revealed that all 10 participants reframed their perceptions of themselves and 'their' dyslexia in a positive and informed context that led to proactive, as opposed to reactive, choices after the completion of the course.

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