Additive and disruptive pedagogies: the use of slowmation as an example of digital technology implementation



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Vratulis, V., Clarke, T., Hoban, G. & Erickson, G. (2011). Additive and disruptive pedagogies: The use of slowmation as an example of digital technology implementation. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27 (8), 1179-1188.


The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of 35 preservice teachers as they were introduced to a new digital technology, “Slowmation” (abbreviated from Slow Animation), as a “disruptive” pedagogy over a period of 12 months. The participants in the study were 35 preservice teachers from an elementary cohort. Primary data sources included field notes and semi-structured interviews. Findings revealed that the preservice teachers enjoyed using slowmation as learners during the on-campus part of their program, yet very few used it as a disruptive pedagogy when teaching during their extended practicum. Our study highlights the challenges inherent in introducing “disruptive” pedagogies in a teacher education program.

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