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Cross, J. (2012). From the reflective epractitioner: a pilot model of teacher preparation employing eportfolio. International Journal of ePortfolio, 2 (1), 39-48.


Literacy is changing significantly alongside the prolific emergence of new technologies. The emergence of these new technologies has been so rapid that teachers may often not be as competent as their students in the use of new media or in the specific linguistic features of the growing range of text types. In this project, overseas trained teachers (OTTs) were scaffolded in their introduction to a variety of new technologies and typical text types relevant to the educational context in Australia where literacy is taught across the curriculum. As the OTTs prepared for a specific English test, which forms part of the process for gaining approval to teach in New South Wales (NSW), they were empowered by an integrated pedagogy: in the process of discovering ways to keep abreast of technology, they were simultaneously honing their language skills. The new software and text types to which these teachers were introduced made it possible for them to collate their qualifications, achievements, and reflections by creating their own professional, updatable, and portable reflective ePortfolios in English. They have since been able to use this learning to enhance their professional personas and self-esteem as they embark on a teaching career in a new country.

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