Occupational decision-related processes for amotivated adolescents: confirmation of a model



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Jung, J. Yup. & McCormick, J. (2011). Occupational decision-related processes for amotivated adolescents: confirmation of a model. Journal of Career Development, 38 (4), 275-292.


AbstractThis study developed and (statistically) confirmed a new model of the occupationaldecision-related processes of adolescents, in terms of the extent to which they maybe amotivated about choosing a future occupation. A theoretical framework guidedthe study. A questionnaire that had previously been administered to an Australianadolescent sample was refined and then administered to a sample of 566 AustralianGrade 11 students attending a stratified random sample of 16 government highschools in the Sydney metropolitan area. The data were analyzed using structuralequation modeling. The major finding was the development and empirical confirmationof a model of the occupational decision-related processes of amotivatedAustralian adolescents, which suggested that within the context of the study:(a) social influences from the family may allow adolescents to see the relationshipbetween making an occupational decision and its consequences, (b) occupationalamotivation may be associated with a lack of decidedness about a future occupation,a non-expectancy for occupational success, and a non-valuing of interest/enjoymentin occupations, (c) those who value recognition are likely to be expect success in afuture occupation, and (d) those with an expectancy for occupational success arelikely to be undecided about their future occupation. Psychologists, careermanagers, counselors, educators, and families may be able to use the findings toassist amotivated adolescents in their occupation-related decisions.

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