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Manning, C., Verenikina, I. & Brown, I. M. (2010). Learning with the arts: what opportunities are there for work related adult learning?. Journal of Vocational Education & Training, 62 (3), 209-224.


What can arts‐based learning offer to adult, work‐related education? A study was undertaken that explored the benefits of learning with the arts for professional development of an adult learner in Australia. The individual experiences of nine adults who participated in arts‐based workshops to build work‐related skills were examined using the contextual model of learning where the personal, socio‐cultural and physical contexts were considered. To determine the potential for professional development, the participants' perceived learning outcomes were examined against the list of the skills valued in the modern workplace. The adult learners who participated in this research found learning with the arts to be engaging, enjoyable and productive. The study highlighted the potential benefits that learning with the arts could bring to the workplace which included increased motivation to learn, creativity, strengthened confidence and improved communication skills.

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