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Sundarakani, B., Razzak, H. Abdul. & Manikandan, S. 2018, 'Creating a competitive advantage in the global flight catering supply chain: a case study using SCOR model', International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, vol. 21, no. 5, pp. 481-501.


Flight catering is a complex food service industry that caters to a wide range of airlines. Meals provided to passengers are a measure of in-flight service on an airplane. In the case of the airline industry, flight catering companies are responsible for preparing the meal that flight crews serve it at a voyaging altitude. This case study examines Emirates Kitchen Flight Catering (EKFC), a jointly owned entity of Dubai Civil Aviation (10%) and the Emirates Group (90%). Based on existing literature, international archival reports, company publications and participant observations of EKFC, the paper examines how EKFC reached the top of the catering supply chain by offering the best-in-class quality services and food to its passengers. The paper addresses the persistent growth of EKFC's operations and investigates relevant strategies that reinforce EKFC's fundamental competencies through the application of Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) framework. Offering a combination of on-board excellence, quality, and fresh and delicious food while controlling costs across the supply chain is an important differentiator of EKFC's flight catering business, thereby setting a benchmark for other businesses.



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