Single linear-polarized and single circular-polarized slot antenna for WLAN application



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Nornikman, H., Abdulmalek, M., Ahmad, B. H., Bakar, H. A., Aziz, M. Adb., Al Khatib, O., Copiaco, A., Abdulaziz, N. & Siang, C. S. 2018, 'Single linear-polarized and single circular-polarized slot antenna for WLAN application', 2017 International Conference on Electrical and Computing Technologies and Applications, ICECTA 2017, IEEE, United States, pp. 1-6.


This project proposed a single linear-polarized and a single circular-polarized patch antenna are design for WLAN applications at 2.4 GHz. This antenna is using FR-4 substrate with permittivity, ϵ r = 4.4 and the electrical conductivity tangent loss, tan Δ = 0.019. Three design antennas with same dimension size but with different feed line configuration had been consider as Design A, Design B and Design C. Design A and C have a better measured return loss of - 25.38 dB and - 24.384 dB, respectively. Beside that the Design B shows the performance of - 15.976 dB only.

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