The Seventh Art as a Soft Power Source for the United Arab Emirates



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Enser, H. & Koshy, S. 2015, 'The Seventh Art as a Soft Power Source for the United Arab Emirates', in H. Sato & P. Kyratsis (eds), International Conference on Education, Humanities and Management (ICEHM-17), pp. 143-146.


The United Arab Emirates is an entity quite unlike any other country. Joined together through will, family bonds, tolerance and unwavering loyalty to founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan's vision, the UAE is altering preconceptions by the West and the Far East about what a Middle Eastern country can achieve. Expatriates make up an overwhelming majority of the population but the pull to live, work and holiday in the UAE is not just down to sunshine. The presence of Hollywood stars, cinematic business minds and a need to bring the UAE to the top, are influencing decisions to convert subtly used soft power into a profitable and socio-economic cultural whirlwind of success. The UAE is a rising star in the realm of the seventh art and this paper explores the relationship.

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