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Yah, N. Fatihah Nabila., Rahim, H. A., Lee, Y. Seng., Hoon, W. Fwen., Malek, M. Fareq., Zahri, N. Adilah Hanin. & Zainal, H. Hasibuan. 2017, 'Potential of Nanocellulose Composite for Electromagnetic Shielding', MATEC Web of Conferences, EDP Sciences, France, pp. 01034-1-01034-5.


Nowadays, most people rely on the electronic devices for work, communicating with friends and family, school and personal enjoyment. As a result, more new equipment or devices operates in higher frequency were rapidly developed to accommodate the consumers need. However, the demand of using wireless technology and higher frequency in new devices also brings the need to shield the unwanted electromagnetic signals from those devices for both proper operation and human health concerns. This paper highlights the potential of nanocellulose for electromagnetic shielding using the organic environmental nanocellulose composite materials. In addition, the theory of electromagnetic shielding and recent development of green and organic material in electromagnetic shielding application has also been reviewed in this paper. The use of the natural fibers which is nanocelllose instead of traditional reinforcement materials provides several advantages including the natural fibers are renewable, abundant and low cost. Furthermore, added with other advantages such as lightweight and high electromagnetic shielding ability, nanocellulose has a great potential as an alternative material for electromagnetic shielding application.



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