A perspective on multinational enterprise's national identity dilemma



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Munjal, S., Budhwar, P. & Pereira, V. 2018, 'A perspective on multinational enterprise’s national identity dilemma', Social Identities: journal for the study of race, nation and culture, vol. 24, no. 5, pp. 548-563.


This conceptual paper identifies gaps and contributes to the literature on 'identity' dilemmas faced by multinational enterprises operating in a globalised world. Various characteristics and business strategies of multinational enterprises are delineated and analysed through the lens of social identity theory and international business concepts such as market and institutional logic. Our analysis, based on multiple cases, and derived from a variety of industries and countries, associates the identity dilemma to informed business strategy. Our findings suggest that while multinational enterprises face identity dilemmas that they sometimes use to their advantage, it also poses several challenges. Through our conceptualisation, we derive five distinct propositions to shape future research directions.

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