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Lokhandwala, I., Koshy, S., Varghese, V., Sharaf, S., Sindhav, M. & Koshy, S. 2010, 'The environmental role of media can play in the Gulf', Manara:Reigniting Growth: 1st conference proceedings of Academy of International Business Middle East and North Africa Chapter, Academy of International Business, Dubai, pp. 45-45.


The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of media in driving environmental initiatives in GCC countries. This research paper identifies the best practices of print, audio visual and social media in sustainability initiatives across different parts of the world and assesses their scope of applicability in the Gulf nations. Firstly, an important mile-stone in print media initiatives was taken by The Guardian Newspaper published in the UK, engaging in sustainability reporting by not advertising for cars and planes which emit CO2 beyond the prescribed standards. Next, in the audio visual media a pertinent model will be that of B1 TV in Romania whose youth waste collection campaigns are popularized via radio. Thirdly, Social media has the benefit of low cost and rapid mass reach, a trend identified by the earth hour initiatives on Facebook where 400,000 people participated and even by commercial organizations who are using social media to launch their CSR initiatives such as General Electronics ‘tag your green picture’ on Flickr. Media houses in the Gulf have begun their journey down the green path but drastic and continuous involvement is needed to create the desired green culture in the Gulf and this could be done by adopting some of these best practices.