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Sundarakani, B. 2017, 'Dubai Logistics Corridor: Transforming Dubai into a Global Logistics Hub', Asian Journal of Management Cases, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 115-136.


The case discusses the various factors that bolstered positioning Dubai as the ideal location for a logistics hub, located at the crossroads of international trade and commerce between the Eastern and Western worlds. Dubai is also regarded as the gateway to the world's most progressive markets which include Greater Africa, Indian subcontinent and the East European countries. The case illustrates some of the critical challenges faced by the city in particular and the country as a whole, in the past decade, thereby evaluating the issues and risks that can hinder its strategic logistics developmental roadmap. The case can be taken up for subjects like Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Global Logistics Systems, Warehouse Management and Strategic Management, and to enrich concepts related but not limited to Facility Location Strategy, Logistics Network Expansion Strategy, Country Analysis, Distribution Hub Location Strategy etc



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