Performance assessment of the simulation modeling approach of SWCNT at THz and GHz antenna applications



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Jurn, Y. Naser., Malek, M. F., Liu, W. & Rahim, H. A. 2015, 'Performance assessment of the simulation modeling approach of SWCNT at THz and GHz antenna applications', Communications (MICC), 2015 IEEE 12th Malaysia International Conference on, IEEE, United States, pp. 246-251.


This paper presents the performance evaluation for the simulation modeling approach of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) dipole antenna at THz and GHz frequency regimes. The equivalent nano-solid tube material (NSTM) modeling approach to the SWCNT is implemented into CST (MWS) software package. Where, the raw material of the NSTM model is derived from SWCNT material rather from other metal material. The comparison between NSTM modeling approach and related previous works is presented for the purpose of validation this model and investigate the behavior assessment of SWCNT dipole antenna. The results of this paper shows the good agreement between the NSTM dipole antenna and the SWCNT dipole antenna. This modeling approach will be utilized to estimate the SWCNT dipole antenna parameters, for instance, s11 parameters, radiation pattern and phase velocity. Finally, this modeling approach is presented to make possible to design and investigate different kinds of SWCNT antennas, which are significant in several area of applications.

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