Improved rice husk ash microwave absorber with CNTs



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Seng, L. Yeng., Malek, F., Wee, F. H., Cheng, E. M., Liu, W. W., Liyana, Z., Rahim, H. A. & Ezanuddin, A. A. M. 2015, 'Improved rice husk ash microwave absorber with CNTs', Electromagnetics: Applications and Student Innovation Competition (iWEM), 2015 International Workshop on, IEEE, United States, pp. 1-4.


This paper presents the improvement of rice husk ash (RHA) microwave absorber with adding carbon nanotubes (CNTs) into the composites. The electromagnetic properties of RHA and CNTs composites (RHACNTs) were measured using a rectangular waveguide (WR-62) transmission line technique with Agilent commercial software 85071E. The results show that, the additional 2 wt. % CNTs adding into the RHA composite are increased the dielectric properties of RHACNTs microwave absorber. The RHA and RHACNT microwave absorber were designed using CST-MWS software. The microwave absorption of RHA and RHACNTs with metal backed plate was investigated. The RHA microwave absorber only absorbed 90 % of the incident electromagnetic radiation in 1 GHz bandwidth and the RHCNTs absorbed 90 % with wider bandwidth compare with RHA absorber. From the results, RHA microwave absorption performance is improved by adding addition CNTs in the RHACNTs composites.

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