Computational Thinking (CT) and Rebel Game Design: CT in Health Games



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Lim, H. C. 2017, 'Computational ThinlSerious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH), 2017 IEEE 5th International Conference on, IEEE, United States, pp. 1-5.


Game-based learning (GBL) is a popular innovative pedagogical framework for developing Computational Thinking (CT) skills. The base idea is to use games to help create awareness and generated needed CT skills and abilities; in short, it is 'games for CT' approach. This is however, one part of the equation for understanding and developing CT in our modern digital age. The other part of the equation lies in using 'CT for games'. This paper addresses this perspective to aid in the understanding and framing of the elusive CT concept. In 'CT for games', this paper highlights and draws attention to using CT for developing games instead of using games to develop CT. The core contributions of the paper are a 'CT for games' proposed framework; selected variants of health games and observations of 'Rebel Design'. Readers can benefit from a perspective with a different focus and increase awareness and understanding of CT with the hope of grooming future leaders with required CT problem-solving skills and abilities and applying 'Rebel Design' for games.

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