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Ajala, I. 2010, 'The Muslim vote and Muslim lobby in France: Myths and Realities', Journal of Islamic Law and Culture, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 77-93.


This article presents an analysis of Muslims in France to counter the myth of a Muslim lobby, particularly relating to foreign policy. Assumptions of a Muslim lobby rely on the existence of a homogenous voting block which requires: (1) the homogeneity, unity and efficient organisation of Muslims, (2) the crucial role of faith in determining their political participation and behaviour as well as (3) their strong interest in foreign policy issues. The central question is then: are these conditions fulfilled in the case of French Muslims? Is there a Muslim voting block? The study emphasizes three elements to answer this question: the heterogeneity of what is understood as 'Muslims', the absence of an ethnic vote, the absence of foreign policy issues in determining the vote.



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