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Shuhail, M. & Koshy, S. 2017, 'The UAE's Tryst with Anime: An Evaluation', International Conference on Education, Humanities and Management (ICEHM-17), pp. 109-112.


-This paper looks at the case of anime in the United Arab Emirates and why anime generally appeals to a global audience. Theories, such as Eiji Otsuka's grand narrative, and Henry Jenkins studies on fandoms have helped formulate discussions about the relationship between anime and anime fans. Both theories suggest that the relationship does not occur on a shallow level of consuming anime for the sake of anime, rather it is a matter of belonging to a world specific to them. Primary interviews with Emiratis interested in the anime culture has added verity to the study. The interviews helped demonstrate that the anime culture in the country is evolving from basic consumption to advanced production. Although the production level is in its baby stages, the demand for it, as my findings conclude, is growing consistently. Finally, the paper explores the possible causes that might have contributed to minimal production of anime in the region.



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