Implications of virtual project management on project management processes



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Watfa, M. & Todd, C. 2016, 'Implications of virtual project management on project management processes', 2016 Sixth International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2016), IEEE, United States, pp. 58-62.


Organizations conduct Virtual Project Management (VPM) to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs or for talent acquisition. In this research, we attempt establish the degree to which the technological tools adopted by organizations for communication and collaboration prove effective for enhanced project team performance and operations in VPM. We statistically analyze the dependency of collaboration tools in small size organizations operating in a virtual environment, and the level of disruption of the tools on PM processes, degree of usage for social networking, and level of data management. Various virtual team structures, platforms for meeting and group collaborations are evaluated. The study has shown that collaboration tools rarely create disruptions in project management processes and are often used by constituent members for social networking and information communications between those members.

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