A ubiquitous smart educational system: paving the way for big educational data



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Lutfi, A., Saidi, F. & Watfa, M. 2016, 'A ubiquitous smart educational system: paving the way for big educational data', 2016 Sixth International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2016), IEEE, United States, pp. 233-238.


Ubiquitous computing is the growing trend towards embedding sensors in everyday objects so they can communicate information seamlessly. In educational institutions, ubiquitous NFC (Near Field Communications) technologies can offer unprecedented solutions to daily student-parent-teacher operations. In this research project, we rigorously analyze and propose a pervasive system that utilizes innovative mobile and sensor technologies to bridge the gap between teachers and students on one hand and parents and students on the other hand. More specifically, the custom made hardware NFC bracelets serve as student identifications tied with a unique mobile application for both parents and school administration and staff. The research aims to develop a knowledge base on educational styles in the Arab countries allowing us to understand the dynamics of the Parent/Teacher/Student relationship to support teaching and learning in contemporary societies. Our system would allow parents to consistently track their children's whereabouts seamlessly, get live feed on their academic performance and cafeteria usage, and monitor their growth stages and compare it to the common standards. It is worth emphasizing that our proposed research has high innovative value not as an end, but as a means to a capturing `Big Educational Data" in the Arab world and thus serving a foundational work for future research in this area.

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