A proposed agile enterprise architecture framework



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Kaddoumi, T. & Watfa, M. 2016, 'A proposed agile enterprise architecture framework', 2016 Sixth International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2016), IEEE, United States, pp. 52-57. 2017


Gone are the days when business and IT executives considered change as a risk to mitigate or to avoid. Changes in businesses and IT implementations are nowadays part of the business itself. Managing businesses today includes managing changes, being ready for them, and reacting to them in an effective manner. In this paper, the application of agility principles and methodologies on Enterprise Architecture (EA) are rigorously investigated based on an extensive literature review. More specifically, we formulate a foundational framework that defines the Agile Enterprise Architecture (AEA) and the current perception of the EA stakeholders on the need of having an agile enterprise architecture and the associated factors that would affect such a perception.

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