Innovative virtual and collaborative teaching methodologies



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Watfa, M. K. & Audi, D. 2017, 'Innovative virtual and collaborative teaching methodologies', Behaviour and Information Technology, vol. 36, no. 7, pp. 663-673.


This collaborative research work between multiple universities demonstrates and rigorously analyses a number of innovative and new teaching methodologies that incorporate the use of new technology to encourage students to participate and take an active role in learning. More precisely, we introduce the 'Automatic Virtual Lecturing' teaching methodology which utilises live student feedback to dynamically reorder the lecture slides content of the teacher combined with an online video repository to substitute repeated lecture presentations both during and after class. We also present research outputs of our patented teaching concept SHARED and collaborative learning which creates a paperless collaborative learning environment in our classrooms where students can take virtual notes on their wooden tabletops, while the teacher can give instant feedback on student progress without leaving his personal desk. The methodologies were researched thoroughly in a number of classrooms which resulted in a significant increase in the performance of the students, showing real promise of such unique teaching methodologies.

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