Tourists' intention to visit food tourism destination: a conceptual framework



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Su, D. N., Johnson, L. & O'Mahony, B. 2016, 'Tourists' intention to visit food tourism destination: a conceptual framework', in S. Mohd. Radzi, M. Hanafiah, N. Sumarjan & Z. Mohi (eds), Heritage, Culture and Society: Research agenda and best practices in the hospitality and tourism industry - Proceedings of the 3rd International Hospitality and Tourism Conference (IHTC 2016) and 2nd International Seminar on Tourism (ISOT 2016), CRC Press, the Netherlands, pp. 267-272.


In recent years, food tourism has emerged as an area of interest for both tourism researchers and practitioners. However, research in food tourism is limited and there is a lack of empirical studies into tourists¿ intentions to visit a food tourism destination. This paper attempts to build a conceptual framework based on the original Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) by modifying the TPB model to include three additional constructs: motivation, involvement and past behavior towards visiting a food tourism destination. The influence of socio-demographic variables is also examined in this model. Since very few studies have been published in this particular area, this provides a theoretical base for future studies in the field of food tourism and destination choice.

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