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Mascitelli, B. & O'Mahony, G. Barry. 2014, 'Australia in the Asian Century - A critique of the white paper', Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 540-566.


This article critiques the Australian Government's White Paper: Australia in the Asian Century. It begins by reflecting on the relationship between Australia and Asia suggesting that this is measured solely through the narrow economic lens of Australian interests. The critique then focusses on the key drivers presented as the means by which Australia will navigate the Asian century concluding that although Australia punches above its weight in terms of living standards, equity and social inclusion, the White Paper overstates the country's capability and capacity particularly in the areas of skills, education, innovation and relationship development. This presents a number of unrealistic expectations, presenting difficulties for the current government to fund the fundamental initiatives required to deliver on the promises contained in the document.