Responsible gambling: Sympathy, empathy or telepathy?



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O'Mahony, G. Barry. & Ohtsuka, K. 2015, 'Responsible gambling: Sympathy, empathy or telepathy?', Journal of Business Research, vol. 68, pp. 2132-2139.


This study investigates whether customer contact employees can identify difficulties in managing gambling behavior among the diverse groups of patrons that frequent gambling venues. The researchers recruited employees from non-casino gambling venues located in areas with a high concentration of residents considered vulnerable to problem gambling. The results reveal that venue employees are capable of recognizing signs of difficulties in controlling time and money spent on gambling and can distinguish differences in behavior between age, gender and specific cultural groups. Young men emerged as most vulnerable to problem gambling, however, venue employees had little sympathy for these patrons. The study contributes to the literature on how recreational gamblers manage their gambling behavior and has implications for venue management and gambling policy.

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