Voltage-based storage control for distributed photovoltaic generation with battery systems



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Kennedy, J., Ciufo, P. & Agalgaonkar, A. 2016, 'Voltage-based storage control for distributed photovoltaic generation with battery systems', Journal of Energy Storage, vol. 8, pp. 274-285.


Recent advances and continued research in energy storage systems suggest that storage management in grid-connected applications is an area of increasing importance. Hence, this paper proposes a novel voltage-based storage control scheme which reduces network stress and is capable of increasing customer remuneration where variable energy pricing schedules are implemented. The scheme charges the battery during instances of low load and discharges during peak load using only locally available data. The scheme is also capable of adapting to changes in load behaviour throughout the year and is capable of identifying whether local load is dependent on the working week. The scheme is verified both in the small-signal environment and in the steady-state load flow environment using MATLAB. Two case studies covering a typical residential and commercial load profile are conducted to investigate the performance of the proposed scheme.

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