Theorising enterprise human capital training for India's information technology (IT) sector



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Malik, A. & Pereira, V. Edward. 2017, 'Theorising enterprise human capital training for India's information technology (IT) sector', in S. Kundu & S. Munjal (eds), Human Capital and Innovation Examining the Role of Globalization, Palgrave Macmillan, United States. pp. 221-249.


In recent years, many Anglo-Saxon countries, enterprises, and policymakers have attempted to address issues of competition and globalisation through appropriate interventions in their training systems. At a national level, investment in training has enhanced international competitiveness and minimised the risk of unemployment (ABS, 1994; OECD, 1994). At a policy level, much of the debate in the last two decades has focussed on the role of training in improving the competitiveness of firms (Malik & Rowley, 2015a; NTITSD, 1998; Pereira & Malik, 2015; Stevens & Walsh, 1991). However, research suggests that improvements at a national level can only occur in the context of improving training

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