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Lovrencic, V., Pantos, M., Brezavscek, A. & Gomiscek, B. 2015, 'The successful start of implementation of live working and the possible effects on maintenance of distribution network', Dvanajsta Konferenca Slovenskih Elektroenergetikov, CIGRE-CIRED, Slovenia, pp. 1-22.


It has been a successful period of introduction and implementation of live working (LW) for the Slovenian distribution network. On the basis of the acquired abroad proven technologies of the implementation of the LW at low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) levels the system manuals and work instructions were made, basic training in a specialized ground are carried out and personal protective equipment (PPE) and gear are provided. Experts in the distribution, outworkers, and operators of technology, training, and instructors are united in the assessment to respect the principles of safe work in implementing LW in practice. LW needs encouragement of company managements, as this new method of maintenance has not yet been fully developed. Abroad LW at LV and MV became practically the only acceptable standard implementation or maintenance of the distribution network, overhead lines and transformer stations respectively. High quality standards for power quality (PQ) from the standpoint of the length of the specified duration and frequency of interruptions of supply to customers, is forcing distributions managements to consistent implementation of LW at LV and MV. National energy regulators are ensuring transparency, impartiality and equal rights to all participants in the energy markets and adopting PQ standards that are stricter over years. They also pursue various measures and compensation schemes or incentive scheme for system operators. Analysis of the European region confirms that those distributions that carry out LW are efficient and effective.