A new framework for cloud business process management



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Watfa, M. K., Najjar, N. A. L., Cheikha, J. & Buali, N. 2016, 'A new framework for cloud business process management', in Y. Zhang, L. Peng & C. Youn (eds), Cloud Computing: 6th International Conference, CloudComp 2015, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp. 83-92.


Cloud BPM is a technology that utilizes Cloud computing offerings for running a Business Process Management System (BPMS). Both technologies are of high interest to business and technology domains and it is understood that the combination of both Business Process Management and Cloud computing will result in a higher level of business efficiency. This research paper uses both quantitative and qualitative analysis in order to have an in depth details on the Cloud Business Process Management adoption rate and the benefits it offers for end users. Since Cloud Business Process Management is a new technology trend, we propose a standard Cloud Business Process Management model which focuses on business efficiency. We were able to identify the reasons behind the lack of Cloud BPM adoption in the local market and gathered sufficient evidence to prove that there is a relation between Cloud BPM and business efficiency.

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