Prospects and challenges of renewable energy in Pakistan



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Aziz, M. Faisal. & Abdulaziz, N. 2010, 'Prospects and challenges of renewable energy in Pakistan', 2010 IEEE International Energy Conference and Exhibition, EnergyCon 2010, IEEE, United States, pp. 161-165.


The aim of this paper is to conduct a study, to identify the potential and the prospects of renewable energy in Pakistan. This will be done by highlighting the present energy situation and quantitatively analyzing the ways and techniques available today to fulfill the energy gap. And hence, the ultimate concern of this paper would help identify the different forms of renewable energy currently feasible within Pakistan taking into consideration the cost, feasibility in terms of technical resources and other common factors. The paper pertains to include both retrofitting existing energy projects that are in hand currently, and , those that are yet to be designed and implemented. This paper would not only identify the conventional renewable energy and how it could be used to achieve a better performance but also highlight all the new renewable energy resources that could be implemented in Pakistan if proper measures are taken.

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