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Onyia, O. Peter. 2014, 'Integrating teacher- and peer-assessments of group coursework assignments in business education: Some innovative methods', Research in Higher Education Journal, vol. 22, pp. 1-10.


This paper is a sequel to an earlier one that examines "the efficacy of two innovative peer-assessment templates (PET and PACT) introduced to enable students provide evidence of their fairness in evaluating peer contributions to group project work" (Onyia, O. P. and Allen, S., 2012). In the present paper, three innovative methods of integrating peer- and teacherassessments are introduced and discussed, including the equal weighting integration (EWI), the unequal weighting integration (UWI), and the peer modulation integration (PMI) methods - all of which can help a college teacher in any area of business or social science education to combine his or her own assigned scores with those from students' peer-assessments (PA) of the group work in order to achieve a fairer final grade for each student in a group coursework assignment (GCA) that involves written reports and/or presentations.