Organisational sequestering of workplace bullying: Adding insult to injury



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Thirlwall, A. 2015, 'Organisational sequestering of workplace bullying: Adding insult to injury', Journal of Management and Organization, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 145-158.


This paper explores empirical data from human resources practitioners and employees to define the ways in which organisations respond to complaints about workplace bullying in New Zealand. Despite recommendations that organisations take workplace bullying seriously and increasing research in recent years, little evidence exists of improvements in the management of this problem. Indeed, this study adds to the gloom by providing an account of the ways in which a group of organisations failed to take responsibility for the welfare of their employees and members. A selection of disappointing responses to requests for help, and some possible explanations for these responses, is presented. Crucially, a set of terms for identifying organisational inaction towards full resolution of workplace bullying is introduced, resolving some aspects of denotative hesitancy in this area. Defining the approaches that hinder resolution of workplace bullying may contribute to its reduction.

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