An Overview of employee suggestion schemes: The past, present and the future



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Lasrado, F. 2012, 'An Overview of employee suggestion schemes: The past, present and the future', Skyline Business Journal, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 15-22.


Innovations are becoming increasingly important for organizations to remain competitive in the dynamic business environment. Employee Suggestions Systems (ESS) is a useful tool used in the organization to elicit employees' creative ideas. Over the past decades, suggestion schemes have been studied from many perspectives. The objective of this paper is to present the history and evolution of suggestion schemes, from their early beginnings to sophisticated computer based systems that are widely popular in many countries. It begins with the discussion of origins of suggestion systems, followed by discussing how they have evolved over the years, and understands a typical process involved in suggestion system. The future model is discussed that can sustain and contribute significantly towards the success of the organizations. Through a literature review, it's described the existing research on suggestion schemes to understand the critical drivers and barriers for the success of the suggestion schemes. This paper also cites and illustrates the well-known suggestion systems used by UAE organizations and their benefits. This paper should be of value to practitioners of suggestion schemes and to academicians who are interested in knowing how this program has evolved, and where it is today and what future it holds. This paper has assimilated the existing knowledge on suggestion systems to provide a quick run through to the field and has extended the search for drivers and barriers to suggestion scheme from creativity and innovation literature.

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