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Lasrado, F. 2015, 'Role of managerial leadership in promoting quality: Experience from Quality Award winning organization in UAE', Innovation Arabia 8, United Arab Emirates, pp. 159-167.


Many quality experts believe that the key to successful management of quality begins at the top of the organization (Laskhman, 2006). So 'leadership and 'managerial' roles have become important for quality and innovation within organizations. The implication and scope of managerial leadership are quite different everywhere. The purpose of this paper is to study the managerial leadership practices through an empirical investigation of an excellence award winning organization. It seeks to extradite the managerial leadership practices that have paved a way for winning 'excellence' award and for the sustenance of quality and continued customer focus. The overall aim of this paper is to present the insights of an organization that received Industry excellence award three times.