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Gokah, T. K., Gupta, N. & Ndiweni, E. 2015, 'E-Learning in higher education – opportunities & challenges for Dubai', International Journal on E-learning: corporate, government, healthcare and higher education, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 443-470.


E-Learning is becoming a popular delivery method across various universities and colleges in Dubai as the region is experiencing a rapid growth of e-Learning in higher education. Adequate infrastructure, changes in demographic profile, globalization, government initiatives, outsourcing and increasing demand for IT knowledge based jobs are the major factors responsible for e-Learning growth in higher education in Dubai. To highlight the increasing demand for e-Learning based courses in higher education in the region, a study was launched using online questionnaire to measure the satisfaction levels of e-Learners in higher education. From this survey, e-Learners have shown in deed a very high level of understanding concerning the potential and value of e-Learning. Respondents in the study provided a wide variety of information about their viewpoint on course material, faculty’s support, grading system and their level of satisfaction of e-Learning practices. It is anticipated that the findings of this study will offer opportunities to improve policy and practice of e-Learning in higher education in the region so as to solidify its position as an e-learning hub in the gulf region.