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Shen, K., Vodanovich, S. & Khalifa, M. 2015, 'The role of intensity of Facebook usage in social capital development: An example with Arab students', in K. Lambrinoudakis, V. Morabito & M. Themistocleous (eds), EMCIS 2015: European Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems, pp. 1-14.

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EMCIS Conference


This study extends prior literature on social networking sites, e.g., Facebook, to an under researched context, Arab countries. In particular, this research compares the Arab and non-Arab youth in the UAE in terms of motivations, intensity of Facebook usage and their social capital development. With a survey study involving 123 students in the UAE, the results suggest that the need for socialization is a driving force for intensity of Facebook usage among the youth in the UAE, implying that the driving forces of Facebook usage are regional specific. Moreover, intensity of Facebook usage contributes more to bonding social capital rather than bridging social capital. Significant gender and ethnic differences are reported in intensity of Facebook usage and resulting bonding social capital.