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Lasrado, F. & Thirlwall, A. 2015, 'Peak Performance Prism: A conceptual model of people enablers in organisations', 29th ANZAM Conference: Managing for Peak Performance, ANZAM, New Zealand, pp. 1-16.

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ANZAM Conference


Globalised economies have increased competition for organisations, so managers are under enormous pressure to improve performance and remain ahead of competitors. In this conceptual paper, we consider a range of factors that improve the likelihood of organisations attaining peak performance. We focus on factors associated with people employed in the organisation. The people enablers mainly stem from three perspectives, namely competency, motivation and opportunity, arranged as a People Performance Prism. There are other organisational enablers that have an impact on performance. These additional factors are named People Enablers and Organisational Enablers; these factors are arranged into a model to show how they contribute to peak performance in organisations.