Intrapreneurship in a fast growing economy: a study of the Emirates of Dubai



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Rodrigues, G. 2010, 'Intrapreneurship in a fast growing economy: a study of the Emirates of Dubai', The Business Review, Cambridge, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 144-151.


Intrapreneurship plays an important role in the expansion of corporate business. However, an 'intrapreneur' just like an entrepreneur must have the ability to successfully execute his own ideas. The study is an attempt to measure the intrapreneurial intensity index based on certain constructs via a model developed and validated by Moerdyk and Hill. Data is collected from executives of 260 service and manufacturing industries in Dubai., United Arab Emirates. The Intrapreneurial Intensity indicated the overall position of strength and weakness and also provides an insight into the direction of improvement. Findings of the research show that the overall level of Intrapreneurial intensity in the UAE and also Service Sector 'moderately high' based on various enablers. Intrapreneurship in Manufacturing Sector is comparatively lower. The study is unique in that it identifies factors that could enhance intrapreneurial ability. The rate of growth in Dubai has increased at a phenomenal rate during the last decade. Sustainable competitive advantage can be gained and the economy can stay ahead in the competition, if it evolves a strategy in which entrepreneurial ability is nurtured and innovation is encouraged. In every economy 'Intrapreneurship' or 'corporate entrepreneurship' plays a pivotal role in the expansion and diversification of business. This is necessary if the economy wishes to enjoy an accelerated economic growth. It is therefore, vital to establish and cultivate an 'intrapreneurial' climate in SME as well as large scale industry within the country. Intrapreneurship is basically about bringing entrepreneurship behaviour into an organization. An intrapreneur concentrates on improving an organisation's financial and market performance by improving the competitiveness of the enterprise through innovation.

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