Organizational learning within supply-chain networks: a proposed conceptual model



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Sikdar, A., Jayashree, P. & Sundarakani, B. 2014, 'Organizational learning within supply-chain networks: a proposed conceptual model', Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development (AWBMAMD) Conference, The Academy of World Business, Marketing, and Management Development, Perth, Australia, pp. 122-131.

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Academy of World Business


Inter-organizational learning is increasingly being recognized as playing a vital role for the modern supply chain excellence. This research is an early attempt in this avenue to analyze the drivers and challenges of this concept. The research will specifically address how the process of inter-organizational learning gets enacted within the supply chain network. It proposes a conceptual model of inter organizational learning, specifically for supply-chain networks. Results of future research can provide useful insights into inter-organizational learning processes specifically within the context of supply chain networks and organizational learning processes across networks of unrelated organizations, at a broader level.

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